Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sustainable Packaging and Design

Sustainability is an oft repeated phrase these days owing to the threat that our slowly depleting natural resources are facing.  Flexible packaging designers are trying to use material which will be sustainable in the long run and will not be a hazard to the environment and will also look equally attractive.
Uflex products are designed keeping in mind the sustainability of the packaging. We understand how hazardous plastics can spell for the earth and keeping this in mind we have constantly evolved ourselves and our produce. Along with the sustainability of our packaging we believe that design is an equally important component.
If we look at sustainable packaging from a design perspective, design makes the packaging better. An attractive design package was good for the customer earlier but with a sustainable designed package, it will be good for the environment too.
How does one achieve a good design along with sustainability? There are roughly 3 principles which we will share with you:
  • It’s all about the product: For a holistic design and sustainable packaging it would be sensible on the part of the product manufacturer not to separate the product from the packaging design. In the short run it might be good for the producers’ pockets but in the longer run it will have a negative impact on the consumer as well as the environment thereby defeating the purpose of sustainable packaging.
  • Earlier the better: So now the question arises is how soon should a manufacturer involve designing the packaging? We say the sooner the better. Most of the environmental impact of the product & packaging is said to be determined in the early designing stages. To add sustainability factor at a later stage is not only hard but also costly and less effective.
  • More with less: While the supply chain demands ‘less’ in cost saving, reductions, simplifications etc, the market demands ‘more’ in terms of added value, benefits, new functions. Doing more with less is sustainability prerequisite.
Sometimes in providing ‘more’, more materials is used which in turn spells higher carbon footprints and is tricky to square off with sustainability. Ultimately it’s about ‘less is best’ for consumers& our customers. Sometimes striking a balance between them can be a challenge in sustainable packaging.
Sustainability challenges are linked with design challenges. Yet, creative and attractive designing is the only thing that can ultimately get a product noticed.
At Uflex Ltd., India’s largest flexible packaging company, the health and safety of our clients and our environment is paramount. All regulations regarding the preservation of the environment are met. Keeping in mind the evolving socio-cultural trends and environment conscious customers, Uflex has come up with sustainable packaging options accompanied by attractive designs to appeal to the customers. With experience and expertise in all spheres of packaging Uflex keeps a track of all the latest developments and innovations that are taking place around the world. This helps us to be in tandem with the needs of our customers and constantly upgrade our quality concerns.
Along with sustainable packaging options and striking design options, Uflex is committed to prevent the wastage of natural resources and minimize any hazardous impact on the environment during the stages of development, production, use and disposal.

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